Oliver Saddle Shop Team
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Saddle Maker / Comedic Relief

  • Birthday: February 5
  • Coffee Preference: Black
  • Favorite book: The Bible
  • Fun Fact: He loves to  go elk hunting
  • Favorite Color: Yellow




Saddle Maker / Belt Extraordinaire 

  • Birthday: December 7
  • He went to the TCAA Emerging Artist Competition in early 2017
  • Coffee Preference: Whatever the "Coffee of the Day" is at Roasters. 
  • Fun Fact: He has a 5-year-old daughter that we like to call "Junebug" 




Saddle Maker / Medicine (bag) Man

  • Birthday: July 6
  • Coffee Preference: Black
  • Fun Fact: He is a HUGE cubs fan.




Saddle Maker / Rope Expert

  • Birthday: June 4
  • Coffee Preference: Black
  • Favorite Activity: Roping 




Chap & Chink Maestro /
Jasie's Keeper

  • Birthday: April 19 
  • Fun Fact: She has a horse named "Cornbread".
  • Loves turquoise  
  • Not a coffee drinker




Restoration Specialist / Beard Icon

  • Birthday: May 19
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Fun Fact: He has a pug named "Clyde".




Really good at answering the phone

  • Birthday: Feb. 19
  • Probably has more coffee creamer in her mug than actual coffee. 
  • Fun Fact: When she was 5, she tripped over a cat and broke her nose.


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